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Vaginismus Solutions

I'm Saying Goodbye to Impossible Penetration

Affordable Solutions That Promote Wellness For All

The Blocked Entrance

If you're a female who finds sex painful or altogether impossible, who has trouble undergoing a pelvic exam, or has difficulty inserting tampons, you're not alone. You may have a condition called vaginismus.


In other words, this is a muscle reaction, triggered by an event the body has filed away as harmful. It's the same reaction we have when a ball is thrown at our faces—our bodies become tense, and our eyes tightly close. 


And it's a reaction that can be retrained.

Painful Sex

Women experience painful sex for a variety of reasons, ranging from minor burning sensations...

Created for Women of All Ages

Difficulties with penetration are possible at every stage of life.

When Sex is "Impossible"

Uncomfortable Penetration

Teens + Tampon Insertion 

Learn How to Train Pelvic Floor Muscles

End the Reaction

The purpose of the Hope&Her program is to help women eliminate a muscle reaction to vaginal penetration, vaginismus, through a mind, body, and soul approach of desensitizing any healthy form of penetration.


But this isn't a medical program. This is a retraining boot camp—a treatment geared to rekindle marriages and restore wholeness.


We Hear You. We See You.

We're For You


Whether she's a teen, a 20-something, or a retired woman, we're for her.


Whether she's in North America or Timbuktu, we're with her.

Age and location shouldn't prevent her from feeling whole. We're here for women today and in the days to come with customized training plans, created just for them.

and Her

Support Groups

Our upcoming support groups are 12 weekly virtual sessions with a trained facilitator and a small group of women also walking through their journey with vaginismus. Creating a space of personal connection and growth is something we are ready to provide to all of you. 

Some of you may have amazing communities at home– some may not. Whatever your background, we want to provide a space for you to be vulnerable, real, and wholly YOU here at Hope&Her. 

Reaching Women Worldwide


Our products have been delivered to nearly every country in the world!


We are passionate about extending hope and support to women everywhere. That's why we offer resources available in multiple languages and multiple formats.

The Hope

Hope For Her. Hope For Him. Hope For Them.


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